We mainly use two types of mesh, one sheer and one a little more opaque (used mainly for gowns, stockings and some small lingerie). The sheer type is the one responsible for our signature "tattoo effect", it's extremely see-through and used for almost all the lingerie available in our store and becomes almost invisible on most skin types.

However, we wanna make sure to give this opportunity to everyone, regardless of how light/dark their skin is, that's why we offer a selection of mesh and foam padding colors to suit all types of skin according to the Fitzpatrick Scale attached below.




Our mesh is divided in type A, B and C.

Type A looks great on skin types I to III (light, pale, fair, medium, light olive)
Type B looks great on skinn types IV and V (deep olive, light to medium brown))
Type C is specifically designed to disappear on type VI (dark brown)



Don't forget we're here to help!
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