In our CUSTOM RANGE collection, we offer a variety of mesh and padding options to suit all skin tones, ensuring that every customer can find the perfect solution for their needs. We primarily use two types of mesh: one extremely sheer and one slightly more opaque. The former is particularly suited for intimate garments like lingerie and bodysuits, and it's responsible for our distinctive "tattoo effect," while the latter is preferred for evening gowns, stockings, and some more structured lingerie designs.

The sheer mesh, with its delicate texture, provides an invisibility effect on the skin, imparting a touch of sensuality without compromising on comfort. This material is designed to adapt to most skin tones, offering a seamless, natural look. Additionally, to ensure even greater customization, we offer the option to select mesh and padding colors based on the Fitzpatrick scale, ensuring perfect harmony with every complexion.

With our attention to detail and diversity, we're committed to meeting the needs of all our customers, providing a personalized and inclusive shopping experience.

We also offer customization of mesh color, available exclusively for custom orders. For ready-to-order items, we utilize an extremely sheer mesh that seamlessly blends with all skin tones, achieving an invisible appearance.


Our mesh is divided in type A, B and C.

Type A looks great on skin types I to III (light, pale, fair, medium, light olive)
Type B looks great on skinn types IV and V (deep olive, light to medium brown))
Type C is specifically designed to disappear on type VI (dark brown)