What we do

With more than 15 years of experience in the world of dressmaking and design, our main team made of wife and husband started Videnoir in 2013.

Our passion has given us the opportunity to study and explore the world of tailoring in all its nuances, leaving us the pleasure of specializing in lingerie, corsetry and historical design.

Our experience gives us the chance to follow production closely from start to finish and guarantee the highest manufacturing quality to each individual customer.

" Quality is our family business."

Videnoir Team

Our team

Passionate about tailoring from an early age, she learnt the art of corset making directly from her grandmother and great-grandmother. Alis has worked for theaters and costume tailors until 2013 when she started her personal brand which evolved into the Videnoir you know today.

Proud illustrator and graphic designer, he mainly works on creating our popular custom patterns and fabric designs from scratch to print. Sometimes he also takes a shot at tailoring by helping in the creation of simplest garments.

Our latest addition: reformed lingerie addict, former PR and currently designer, she helps us develop content and communication on our social media channels.